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Break through allergy symptoms

Effective treatments that keep allergies under control

The best way to prevent an allergy attack is to avoid the allergens that cause them. However, this isn’t practical as allergens are everywhere around us—from our workplaces to our homes. So what can you do when an allergy strikes?

Antihistamines are an effective way to keep allergies under control. They reduce or block histamines to stop allergy symptoms. Antihistamines are safe for both adults and children. They come in the form of tablets, creams or nasal sprays.1

Allergies make the lining of your nose swell. Decongestants help by shrinking the swollen blood vessels and tissues to relieve congestion. They come in various forms: tablets, liquids, nose drops and nasal sprays. You should only use them for short periods of time as they may cause side effects.2

Immunotherapy involves the administration of gradually increasing doses of an allergen to help your body develop a tolerance for it. As it is an expensive and time-consuming procedure, immunotherapy is only reserved for those who suffer from severe allergy symptoms.3


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